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How do I enroll into the program? What do I get by paying Rs. 1,000 for enrolment? Can I enroll my existing TATA vehicles into the program? Please explain the insurance benefit? From when is my insurance valid? What is the validity of my TATA Delight Card? Can I use it anywhere in India? Where should I call if I need information regarding the TATA Delight program or about my membership? How do I earn TATA Points? What is the value of my TATA Point? Can I earn TATA Points on my spends at partner outlets? I have enrolled into the program but have not yet received my Owner Card. Can I still earn TATA Points? Can I earn TATA Points even if I forget to take my Chassis Card at the time of a visit? How can I check my TATA Point status? What is the max no of transaction that can be done per day at BPCL RO? What is the maximum limit in of a transaction that can be done at BPCL RO? How do I redeem my TATA Points? Can I redeem TATA Points with my Chassis Card? I had ordered a gift, but have not received it. What should I do? What is the Temporary Owner Card? Why do I get two different cards when I enrol into the program? How do I differentiate between my Owner Card and Chassis Card? I have lost my Owner / Chassis Card. What should I do? The card sent to me has my details misspelled. How do I get it corrected? I am selling my vehicle. Can I transfer my card to its new owner? Can the accrued TATA Points be redeemed at BPCL RO? Can I earn both Petro Miles and TATA Points at BPCL RO?