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The TATA Delight loyalty program offers accidental & hospitalization benefit through an unnamed insurance policy for your drivers linked to the vehicle.

The benefits of the policy are as follows

1. Accidental Death or Disability Cover upto Rs.10,00,000/- per year per vehicle 2. Hospitalization Cover upto Rs.50,000/- per year per vehicle

This benefit is available to the drivers of your TATA commercial vehicles registered in the program. You can claim this benefit every year during the 3 year membership period.


  Accidental Death Rs.10,00,000/- per year per vehicle
  Permanent Total Disablement Rs.10,00,000/- per year per vehicle
  Loss of 2 Hands / 2 Legs / 2 Eyes Rs.10,00,000/- per year per vehicle
  Permanent/Partial Disablement of more than 40% in aggregate As per % on Rs.4,00,000/- per year per vehicle
  Loss of 1 Hand / 1 Leg / 1 Eye Rs.5,00,000/- per year per vehicle
  Accidental Hospitalization Rs.50,000/- per year per vehicle
Option 1 A Nagrik Suraksha Hospitalization Rs. 50,000/-
  B Nagrik Suraksha Personal Accident Rs. 2,00,000/-
  C Janata Personal Accident Rs. 1,00,000/-
Option 2   Janata Personal Accident Rs. 7,00,000/-

How to settle a claim ?


  • Customer informs Oriental Insurance in writing within 7 days
  • Customer collates and sends documents to Oriental Insurance within 14 days
  • Oriental Insurance validates claim request
  • Oriental Insurance releases payments to claimant
  Copy of Loyalty Card/Receipt YES YES YES
  Claim form duly filled in (Original) YES YES YES
  Copy of Driving License YES YES YES
  Copy of R.C. Book YES YES YES
  FIR by Police Authority (Notarized/Attested by Gazetted Officer) YES YES YES
  Hospital Papers (Discharge Card alongwith the Reports, Prescriptions and x-ray films) YES YES -
  Medicine Bills/Receipts (Original) YES YES -
  Hospital Bills/Receipts (Original) YES - -
  Copy of Certificate stating % of Disablement from Govt.Authorities.(Notarized/Attested by Gazetted Officer) - YES -
  Death Certificate (Notarized/Attested by Gazetted Officer) - - YES
  Post Mortem Report (Notarized/Attested by Gazetted Officer) - - YES
  Police Panchnama(Notarized/Attested by Gazetted Officer) - - YES
  Income Proof on affidavit ( for claims above Rs. 3,00,000/- ) - YES YES
  Legal Heir Proof Document (Notarized/Attested by Gazetted Officer) - - YES